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Choosing the right school or for your child is important and can make a big difference to their happiness and wellbeing, as well as how well they perform in their studies.

Subjects offered at Primary Level:

English, French, Mathematics, History & Geography, Science, Computer, Arts, Physical Education


Islamic Subjects: Arabic, Islamic History, Quranic Studies & Hifz, Hadith, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Aqaaid & Akhlaaq (Islamic Belief, morals and etiquettes)

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Phone: 211 3167

Contact Person: Mr. Cassim

Location: Cassis

CPE Results
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PSAC Pass Rates
2018 - 2020

 2018: 1OO%      
2019: 96%          
 2019: 96%          
2019: Boys: 86%  |  Girls: 95%  
2020: 92%         

CPE Results
2006 - 2016

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