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Phone: 208 3079

Contact Person: Ms. Bunoo

Location: Cassis

Early childhood is a really important and exciting phase of a child’s life, when toddlers learn about themselves, others, and the world around them. IISS Pre-Primary will assist your children in this journey of discovery and learning. Our Pre-Primary section offer a well designed programme adapted to our little island and the big world.


Your children will learn to mix with other children and adults and how to behave in a respectful way with others. They will also:

• Have fun and make new friends

• Adjust to being part of a group by sharing, caring for others and expressing themselves.

They will also develop their imagination and creativity and acquire pre-maths and pre-reading skills.

Children learn to communicate with others using words, phrases, and sentences as their language skills develop. This is especially important as we live in a culturally rich country.

IISS pre-primary services also ensure your child’s physical well being

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